I am an Art Historian, Author, and Entrepreneur specialised in contemporary art. 

Kunstbar Magazine

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"Das neue Gold – So finden Sie gute Kunstinvestments" Read more in the current issue / Read article (DE) here.

"Art investments: Are they attractive for institutional investors?" Discover more on pressRead article (DE) here.


FROM WRITING BOOKS TO ADVISING Individuals, corporates, foundations, and Public institutions, I provide art knowledge to Help everybody navigate the art world.


Are you a publishing company or author who needs art market expertise? Or do you simply want to read some of my existing books on art topics you may have never dared to ask?

ART MARKETING entrepreneur

Are you an artist, gallery, or auction house looking to gain traction and step up your marketing? 

Are you a brand, company or public institution that would like to stand out from the rest by including art in your strategy?



Are you organising a seminar about art and marketing for your students or employees? Could a  presentation about the art market be of interest for your clients and visitors?


Are you thinking of building your own art collection but don't know  where and how to buy?  Are you thinking about art as an investment but don't know what artists to focus on?

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