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Aktualisiert: 10. Aug. 2021



Dear Art Lovers,

From 21 of May, you will be able to see artworks across many screens at airports, shopping centres, roadside and motorways in Germany.

The art was created by Bernhard Adams (Master student of Katharina Grosse) and Raphael Brunk (Master student of Andreas Gursky), both from Kunstakademie Düsseldorf.

The screens are run by CITTADINO, one of the leading media providers in Germany with about 10,000 digital screens. With our collaboration the media company makes it possible to display art in public spaces with a reach of up to 60% of the entire population in Germany and up to 350 Million media contacts (Public Private Screen Study 2019) per month.

Thanks so much for this great collaboration to Simone Podlich, Head of Media Sales at Cittadino.

Please share photos with us in case you spot one of the screens with the hashtag #addart.

Best regards,

Ruth Polleit Riechert

Media company CITTADINO supports young artists

Germany-wide art campaign on digital screens in cooperation with RPR ART

The media company Cittadino supports young artists. Since the end of May works of art have been shown on digital screens at airports, shopping centres, roadsides (large digital screens), and motorways in Germany. With over 10,000 digital screens, Cittadino is one of the leading media providers in Germany.

The digital art was developed for Cittadino and selected by the art historian Dr Ruth Polleit Riechert. The artists include Bernhard Adams, master student of Katharina Grosse at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf and Raphael Brunk, master student of photo artist Andreas Gursky, also Kunstakademie Düsseldorf.

"We are delighted that we can give young artists a platform. Their innovative art and our pioneering technologies go well together", says Simone Podlich, Head of Media Sales at Cittadino.” With its digital touchpoints, Cittadino reaches around 350 million contacts per month and over 60% of the total population (according to Public Private Screen Study 2019), making art accessible to many people in public spaces. “The artists Bernhard Adams and Raphael Brunk are developing a new form of art in public space on a digital basis, and are thus adding a new expression to street art," says art historian Ruth Polleit Riechert, whose goal is to make art more accessible for everyone. "It distinguishes Cittadino for being involved in this progressive development and for making its technology available to the artists".

Contact Cittadino

Simone Podlich

Mobile: +49 (0)211-90295443


Contact RPR ART

Dr Ruth Polleit Riechert

Mobile: +49 (0)173-6730052



RPR ART // Dr. Ruth Polleit Riechert // // +49 (0)6174-955694


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