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Based on a global network and over 20 years of experience in the art and Finance industry



Write books & newspapers/magazines articles on the art market

Co-write and proof-read art market articles for journalists & publishing companies

Support authors with research topics relating to the art market 

Interview emerging and blue chip artists for publications 

Area of expertise:  art marketing, art market trends, price development, and art investing. 


ART MARKETING entrepreneur

RPR ART + Artspace NEXUS

Founded RPR ART to help artists, galleries, auction houses, corporates and institutions develop innovative art marketing strategies

Founded a digital 3D art space called NEXUS. More information and digital art exhibitions can be seen on

Area of expertise:  artist/brand collaborations, strategic art marketing for corporates and public institutions, innovative presentation formats for artists, 360 degree marketing strategy for artists and all art market player




For companies and conferences, I offer lectures about the art market, how marketing influences the art price, and any innovative projects with corporates I have implemented so far

For academies I offer seminars for art students on how they can use marketing tools for developing their own brand

Area of expertise:  art marketing, art market trends, price development, and art investing. 




Advise on the purchase of single artworks and entire art collections, from emerging to blue-chip

Personalised artwork and artist research, including auction results and pricing/ownership history

Advise on artwork selling, including determining the best price, buyer search, negotiation, and logistics

Development of art concepts for fundraisers or charity events

Area of expertise: Selection of high potential talents from academies, Strategic art investing based on Warren Buffett's Value Investing, Independent advice on buying and selling blue-chip art


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