Bernhard ADAMS

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Bernhard Adams was born in 1990 in Cologne, Germany. After school, he started his studies in "Media and Culture Science" and began to express himself visually through photography. He then switched to painting with Professor Katharina Grosse at Kunstakademie, from which he graduated as master student (Meisterschüler) in 2018. Since 2013, his works have been exhibited in Germany and abroad. The artist lives and works in Wuppertal.
"The question 'what a picture can be' is the engine of my painting. I want to convey this driving force and provide suggestions. I do not produce propaganda, so I do not want the viewer to agree with my thoughts. I want to work, inspire, share my fascination, prompt and capture the viewers’ imagination with what I do. Painting is communication. I communicate with the world. My paintings are manifestations of my reflections and decisions. They document this communication and are supposed to initiate discussion independently of myself."

Bernhard Adams