“I Would like to inspire everyone with art and Help making the art market more accessible."

Ruth Polleit Riechert

Why i am doing this

"When I was working at Deutsche Bank and McKinsey & Company, I was quite often approached by my colleagues asking me for help in finding and buying art, because they did not know what to buy and where to go.


During my studies and while working various jobs in the art industry, I experienced that restricted access kept me from investing in art. Luckily, I got in touch with many artists from art academies worldwide and especially from Düsseldorf Art Academy, where I discovered art from scratch.


This is an experience I would like to pass on: Providing easy access to art and artists that allows everybody to develop a passion for art, to get inspired for their daily life, and invest wisely. Art ist more than a medium to inspire. Public art initiatives, supporting art and investing in art should be an active part of any society."


Ruth Polleit Riechert, Ph.D., studied art history in Germany and England (University of London, Goldsmiths College) and received her doctorate on the subject of "Marketing and Price Development of Contemporary Art from 2000–2007" at Düsseldorf's Heinrich Heine University. She has been active in the art and finance world for more than 20 years (Christie's, Auction House Ketterer, Deutsche Bank, McKinsey & Company, UBS Art Banking).


Since 2017 she has been independently implementing innovative art projects at the interface of art and business and advises private, corporate and public institutions. In her section "Discover New Art" at the online magazine Kunstbar she regularly publishes interviews with artists. Her aim is to make access to the art market possible for everyone and to simplify it by imparting knowledge. To this end, she is committed to new technologies and price transparency in the art market.

Dr. Ruth Polleit Riechert studierte Kunstgeschichte in Deutschland und England (University of London, Goldsmiths College) und promovierte zum Thema "Marketing und Preisentwicklung zeitgenössischer Kunst von 2000–2007” an der Düsseldorfer Heinrich-Heine-Universität. Sie ist seit mehr als 20 Jahren in der Kunst- und Finanzwelt tätig (Christie's, Auktionshaus Ketterer, Deutsche Bank, McKinsey & Company, UBS Art Banking).


Seit 2017 setzt sie selbständig innovative Kunstprojekte an der Schnittstelle von Kunst und Wirtschaft um und berät Privat-, Firmenkunden und öffentliche Institutionen. In ihrer Rubrik “Discover New Art” beim Online Magazin Kunstbar veröffentlicht sie regelmäßig Künstlerinterviews. Ihr Anliegen ist es, den Zugang zum Kunstmarkt für jedermann zu ermöglichen und durch Vermittlung von Wissen zu vereinfachen. Dafür setzt sie sich für neue Technologien und Preistransparenz am Kunstmarkt ein.

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